SamePay is all about putting crypto into everyone’s pocket, by simplifying crypto for the everyday person and business owner.

Coming soon in 2022
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Crypto at your fingertips

Right from the start, SamePay simplifies the way you send, receive and buy crypto. Be it Samecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency, all your crypto is organised with easy access to sending and exchanging options.

When opening SamePay for the first time, we create a wallet for each cryptocurrency you use with its own address.

All of the wallets are tied to your SameID so that you can easily login and access them from multiple devices and multiple connected sites.

Easy and friendly payments

Sending crypto has never been easier. Remember those long cryptic addresses?

Send payments to a SameID username or phone number, to make those quick transfers that you expect should take a minute.

Invite friends to SamePay and add them to your contacts for quicker access anytime you wish to split a bill or make a payment.

Secure your payments

To confirm each transaction, SamePay asks for authentication. This way we can always make sure it’s you and keep your funds safe at all times.

SamePay has built-in support for pass codes, fingerprints and facial recognition depending on your device of choice.

SamePay on iOS also has native support for FaceID.

Exchange crypto at the best rates

SamePay supports all the prominent crypto currencies including Samecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and TRON.

All SamePay users can exchange crypto currencies with the lowest fees and best exchange rates available in the open market.

Exchanging on SamePay is as easy as cake. Simply select your trading pair, enter the amount and follow the on-screen guides.


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